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Top 4 Features of Google Analytics That You Need To Use

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These days, the majority of the folks are making the use of Google analytics that is associated with lots of incredible features. If you are making the use of Google Analytics, then one can easily avail lots of important information like the health of the website, mishaps, and other things. To become a professional marketer, then it is your responsibility to enable the important features of Google analytics. If you are running a particular ad campaign, then one has to measure the traffic on a regular basis.

If you are running effective campaigns, then the user will be surely able to attract a bunch of traffic on the website with ease. Google analytic is proven to be beneficial where one can easily avail important details regarding the website. Following are the 5 most important feature of Google Analytics that one should use.

  • Measure the traffic

Nothing is better than Google Analytics that is helpful in measuring the traffic. If you are sharing the Guest post article, then one will able to track the overall performance of the article. Therefore, Google Analytics is providing a URL builder tool that would be helpful in high-end quality links. To become a certified or reputed advertiser, a user must analyze Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam Answersproperly.

  • Set objectives

Google analytics is offering Goals feature, which is fairly great and will assist you in tracking the critical metric like conversion rate. Make sure that you are choosing a particular goal for each page. Therefore, one has to complete the desired objectives. It is highly recommended that one must build a strong funnel for the goals.

  • Report on the customer

If you are making the use of pro version, then one will able to make the use of custom reports with ease. Make sure that you are opting for genuine or unique reports that can fit the business goals. User must make the use of custom report templates, which is providing important information like page timing, keyword analysis, and many more important things with ease.

  • Tracking feature

The e-commerce tracking feature is relatively great, which is providing details regarding profitable customers. Therefore, if you are running a business website, then the user should opt for an e-commerce version. In order to set the e-commerce tracking feature then one should pay attention to following steps like-

ü  Tap on the Google Analytics feature

ü  Choose Admin button and then change the profile setting

ü  After that, the user must click on the e-commerce settings and tap on the yes

With the help of such a feature, one will able to track the viewers of the website. For effective outcomes, you must create a responsive website that can be accessible for every person.

Additionally, if you are already making the use of Google Adwords, then one has to connect it with Analytics account. Make sure that you are finding a genuine website where one can easily avail Google analytics individual qualification exam answers.

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