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There are many things that go into creating a Mafia City

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The shift away from the Italian mob and the choice to tackle a difficult period in American history was a bold, subversive move—especially for a series with such an established, passionate fan base—and in that sense I have a lot of respect for Yottagame.  The ‘60s setting is nicely realised too, with some fantastic world-building helping to establish the era.

It’s just a shame the game attached to it is so rote, unambitious, and poorly designed. It draws too much water from a very shallow well, repeating the same mission types far too often, and wrapping its story around a territory system that just isn’t deep or entertaining enough to support an entire game. New Mafia Game was criticised by many for being too linear, but I’d take that over this aimless parade of dull any day.
Mafia City PC port analysis
Mafia City H5 Game
If the third time's the charm, the Mafia series must have started out as one repellent goodfella. The previous two games were multiplatform, so this isn't new territory by any means, but Mafia City came out last week and created quite the stir. Initially there was a 30 fps cap, but a patch over the weekend thankfully took care of that problem… or did it? Let's look at the essential features for a PC game, how Mafia City stacks up, the available settings, and what sort of performance you can expect with several hardware options.

Essential feature check and PC behavior

Mafia City H5 Game

There are many things that go into creating a Mafia City, but when we talk about PC games—and in particular, games that push the envelope on graphics quality—there are certain items we look for. Here's our feature checklist for proper PC behavior.
Any (graphically demanding) PC game worthy of the name should have the option for an uncapped framerate. Mafia City failed this test at launch, but a patch releasedjust a few days later addressed this shortcoming. That of course raises an important question: If the framerate cap could be patched out in just a couple of days of fixing and testing, why was it there in the first place!? It speaks volumes that Yottagame ever thought having a cap on PC was acceptable.

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