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Recover Faster From Knee Injuries with the Help of Knee Braces

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The largest joint of your body is knee and is more vulnerable to injuries. Thus, knee injuries are often quite painful and need quick treatment for instant relief. With the rapid advancement in technology, there came a huge change in methods of treating and preventing knee injuries. Knee braces are developed to protect knees from injuries that could cause severe damage to collateral ligaments. There is a specially designed brace known as osteoarthritis knee brace to cure osteoarthritis which is one of the main reasons of disability and knee pain.

There are several categories of knee braces such as:-

  • Prophylactic:-

These braces are designed to prevent contact sports injuries.

  • Functional:-

These braces provide stability to knees.

  • Rehabilitative:-

These braces allow controlled and protected motion at the time of rehabilitation of knees.

  • Unloader braces:-

They provide relief to arthritis patients by unloading the weight from damaged area to stronger area of the knee.

  • Knee sleeves:-

They cannot be called knee braces; they are basically knee supports which are designed for providing compression near knee joints. They provide support to knee and control swelling and pain.

Knee braces are mainly used at the time of knee rehabilitation and after knee surgery and provide support to certain knee injuries such as torn knee cartilage, knee arthritis, runners knee, patella tendonitis and many more. Apart from knee braces, certain more developments are done to provide support and comfort to your feet. Orthotics for feet is one such development which is inserted into your shoe to help you align, support and correct your foot deformities. They are made with the aid of 3D scanning, thus combining medical knowledge with engineering science for creation of comfortable devices for improvement of physical form.

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