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Pokemon Mega and pikachu game, What features do these browser mmo have?

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In game Pokemon Mega, the tamer would need to get a bond with his Pokemon, the digivolve is mainly triggered by the trainer “evolving”, thus the trainers progress is what’s allowing his Pokemon to reach far greater heights. This is definitely similar to the Mega-Evolution in Pokemon.
There’s not much by way of original content in Pokemon Mega, and in fact the only real unique aspect other than some rudimentary character customization is the lagging presence of other players.
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First of all, Pokemon Mega boasts of over 520 maps. That’s actually huge! Besides, there’s a map you are shown everytime – it’s from where you can navigate to all the places. There’s a Monster Shop, Monster Arena and a shop. A lot of features are included – an integrated chat system, buying/selling/trading options, friend-vs-friend battles and more. There’s a lot to explore in Pokemon Mega!
The game revolves around being a human character and catching Pokemon, trading them or playing battles with each other. It’s fun to lead those creatures to victory. You can enjoy the free experience.
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Pokemon Mega: New Ghost-Type Pokemon Moves and Stats Revealed.
Why does Chimchar know bubble?

While the currently free online games and browser games mainly focus on the first called aspect, the taming, the later named hunting games have no such huge impact on those genres.

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