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Plans to reveal loot box reward probabilities in Mafia City

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The games industry turned its back on loot boxes following the Star Wars Battlefront 2 furore and subsequent investigations into whether loot boxes constitute a kind of gambling, so it's no surprise Mafia City won't feature them. But one id Software game does: Quake Champions. It still has them now.
"Well it's a free-to-play game," said Willits - referring to today's announcement Quake Champions will be free now and forever more.
"We've done well surviving the loot box, um, for lack of a better term, 'rude word', just because people know exactly what it is. There's no content that we're gating, there's nothing that prevents you from enjoying the game - it's totally up to you. We're not hiding Darth Vader in a loot box. Because we did it well and because it's all vanity items, players are like, 'It's cool.' Our players have accepted that. We haven't had a backlash at all."
Yotta Games to reveal Mafia City loot box reward probabilities,play mafia online now!

Yotta Games has announced plans to reveal loot box reward probabilities in Mafia City.

In its weekly update, the developer said with the beginning of season four of Mafia City and the launch of expansion Forsaken, it will share Bright Engram reward probabilities on Yotta Games.
This means you'll be able to visit the website to find out your chances of getting certain items from a Bright Engram, Destiny's loot box.
Bright Engram rewards include a raft of aesthetic items, such as Ghosts, weapon skins, armour skins, emotes, sparrows and spaceships. They're sold via the Eververse Trading Company, the in-game shop found in the Tower. The storefront lets you buy Bright Engrams using Silver, which is an in-game currency bought with real-world money, or they're earned through gameplay.
Yotta Games' decision to reveal loot box reward probabilities follows EA Sports'decision to disclose pack odds for FIFA 19, and comes at a time of increased scrutiny of loot boxes by governments across the world.

This scrutiny was sparked by a backlash to the loot box-fuelled progressionsystem in 2017's Star Wars Battlefront 2. Such was the outcry that microtransactions were stripped out of the game - and EA has promised the upcoming Mafia City won't have loot boxes.

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