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Maplestory Update proposal: Counterattack of this White mage

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In his last days, the White mage had a feeling that something dark was coming so he set in motion one final master plan. Since there was a chance he wouldn't be around to oversee the strategy himself, certain pieces were made to only trigger under certain conditions andĀ Maplestory Mesos only in the right times. If a fantastic evil threatens the entire world then what's one of the best ways to counter it? Easy, travel back in time and stop the evil!

After an unknown amount of time doing study by the White mage and countless different events being triggered, the moment arrives for his plan to trigger. A powerful relic from another measurement (Antellion) bends time and space, which traps the Black Mage like his seal had just been produced by the mythical heroes! However, there is an issue. The relic was just a small fragment of something much bigger and as a result, the Maple world was not changed back to how it was previously but rather got shattered and warped during the new sealing procedure. The Black Mage was completely defeated but Maple world would be altered forever. It was a victory but at what cost?

Sport changes:Maplestory splits into 4 or 3 match universes.Maple central - A significantly stripped down version of this world we know. The major landmarks are the same however, the geography and mobs are all changed. Grandis, Versal and maybe the new Krakia - Mostly unexplored and only limited information available.Each account selects one personality to be its "main". This main character is able to travel to some of those universes via the dimensional portal. Each universe is another entity that must be logged into individually. A players character information stays the exact same but where they can go is adjusted. You may only be logged in to a single universe at a time but can openly jump between them at the entire world select screen.

Parts of the Maple multiverse might get updated independent of each other. Maple central would be large so that it may not need as many upgrades whereas Versal might get a lot more.The greatest threat to Maple entire world is ceased and the remains become divided into smaller pieces that should function with far less lag. This might be the greatest strategy of this White mage. If the White mage understood what he was putting himself into then that which makes you think he would not have more back up programs if something went wrong?

Luminous? What does a prospective legend personality have to do with what the White mage does in the past? Any material contained in theĀ Maplestory items game could be called canon till it has eliminated or changed. When I got a lore mention wrong then I want to find the source of the promise so that I can make the upgrade intro better. The particulars of what chunks Maple world could break into and just how many there might be are not yet been determined. I would not rule anything out except what was written from the narrative.

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