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Mafia City: That seems to be where the history makes sense

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Harms: It partially speaks to who Lincoln is as a character. He’s an orphan. He’s a guy who’s never really had much. What little he did have was taken from him. To a guy like Lincoln, he won’t let that stand. There will be a reckoning because of that.
That said, we also try to give the player tools to control who their gangster games online version of Lincoln. The lethal or non-lethal takedowns—we’ve heard players explaining that their version of Lincoln only kills the people he has to kill. And we’ve heard from players who say that everybody here deserves what they get.
It reflects in the end, too. Father James makes that impassioned speech to Lincoln saying, “When you got home, you were going to leave town. You can still do that.” Even at the very end, we let the player make a final determination of who Lincoln is. Does he leave town, or does he stay and rule the city?
Yotta Games: That seems to be where the history makes sense. It’s a troubled time, hints of revolution, bad things happening. If you rebel against evil, that’s not necessarily an evil thing to do.
Harms: One of the pillars of the franchise – Haden has talked about this — is taking a gifted anti-hero and putting them in a specific time and place. I fully believe that Lincoln falls into that. But again, we let the player, as much as possible, have agency around who their version of Lincoln is, if they want to explore and push further in one direction or another.

Yotta Games: I chose to go off to new things, to not stay. But I’m kind of curious as to what percentage of the whole I fall into.

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