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How to avoid dangerous viruses and malware on facebook?

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Thousands of people hate facebook because they think that their accounts are not safe on the facebook. Some of the people are giving up and closing their accounts. Their profiles are filled up with less information which isn't able to attract more people and likes. This thing can make them isolated and frustrating as well. Thankful to possible things that will able to create strong facebook profile with thousands of likes and comments. Want to popular on the social networking website? Most of the people prefer to buy Facebook photo likes to gain their popularity on the profile.

Becoming popular on the facebook is not an easy task as it seems. You need to post something creative that will able to create more interaction and insight as well. It would be better to use premium features on the facebook to engage more people. Maximize your interaction by posting pictures, videos, and creative content. Have you got thousands of like ever? If not then build up a strong profile with interesting content as well. Before creating an account on the facebook, you should read the below-mentioned things that will able to prevent from dangerous viruses and malware.

Addressing an account carefully

The first step towards your success is changing your current password to the particular concept. If you aren't able to access with your account, then report that account was hacked.

Remove unsecured apps

Whenever you use the account with the third application like tinder, the app will access the whole information from your accounts. After a facebook hack, such applications will gain the access and create spam in the account. By following such things, you will able to remove some unwanted apps.

  • Go to the main login page of facebook.
  • You should tap on the menu icon that is available in the top right of the corner.
  • Click on the settings where you find the apps and website option on the left side.
  • Check the app box that is available in the active apps and website sections of the page.
  • You can see the blue button click on them to remove it.

Log out from all locations

Facebook is one of the popular networking sites that are known for their features. They will provide you a list of locations in which you are logged in to the facebook. If you didn’t recognize the location, you would able to log out by choosing the location and click on log out.

Inform your friend that your account was hacked

It is one of the side effects that most of the facebook hacker always send malicious messages to their friends. In order to prevent the problems, you should post content with complete information on the facebook.

  • You should explain briefly what things happened to you. And your account was compromised with someone else.
  • If you were hacked, then you opened a message from someone that comes with a harmful link.

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