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How Affiliate Marketing Works without a Website

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Do you want to generate income with affiliate marketing process without a website? Although, building a website is the popular way; affiliate launched themselves to stay in the affiliate marketing industry, and it is the process of promoting third party products & services link.

So, In this article, we’ll teach you Affiliate Marketing without a website.

#Publish on Blogs and Forums

This can really be an easy way to get a taste for affiliate marketing, all you need is to select the best product you’d like to advertize then start posting on various blogs and forums with an affiliate link. Take help of any affiliate marketing network program so you may get a lot of success if you regularly update useful and interesting posts. Once you made a trust between people, they will begin to respect your opinion and desperate to click on your link. Remember do not post any fake or useless posts to avoid blocking and scam.

# Promote with Mass Email Marketing

There is massive use of email marketing in today’s digital world. You can design quality and informative email content with keeping your affiliate links and sending them to lot of email id’s of your customers and other people. When someone clicks on the links and buy the product, you would definitely earn money.

Get the best services from best online affiliate program that acts as an middleman between advertisers and publishers, attempting to make a lucrative deal for both in the market.

# Write a eBook for Demanded Products

A "viral" item is one that is intended to spread (regularly rapidly) to a considerable number of people - this can be an extraordinary method for getting your affiliate links out there while never creating a site. You can deliver a short 30-page eBook or an "exceptional report" on a specific subject, embed connections to affiliate items into it, at that point convey your book through whatever methods you like- you could advise individuals that they're invite to give it away, offer it or put it on their sites. You can kick it off yourself by offering the eBook on eBay for a little sum.

# Through Social Media Platforms

This is most popular and cost effective way to make money online without website. Some of the social media like Facebook, Google+, Linkdin, Twitter and Pinterest have billions of users nowadays. Keep in mind you only have to share good and helpful posts with your followers first and then add your affiliate links.


Do enough product research in the market and then choose the right option that fits your product and expertise. These four ways of getting your affiliate link out in front of many people without having a website will surely help you in taking an informed decision.


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