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Can safety vest protect motorists in darkness?

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It gets dark early and late light: In the winter time pedestrians are particularly vulnerable in traffic. Bright safety vest and reflectors provide better visibility.

Only a few days ago suffered a pedestrian, after being hit by a car, fatal injuries. In general, the trend in accidents, are implicated in the pedestrian, rising since 2015 again. Between 2011 and 2015, a total of 27 persons who were recognized on our roads of vehicles, fatally injured.

There were the six in the years 2011 and 2012 and five in 2013. 2014, the number dropped to three deaths, with seven victims of the peak was reached in the same period last year. Also as far as the number of seriously injured pedestrian, this has risen in the last year dramatically, to 52 against 35 in, 2014.

Darkness, rain, fog

Particularly dangerous for the weakest link in the road is the cold season: darkness, rain and fog are factors that increase the risk. Pedestrian wearing dark clothing, so a driver recognizes him only from a distance of about 25 meters without the effect of reflective tape. All too often this is too late...

The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure therefore advise that one should dress bright and use reflectors, which are available in various forms and can be mounted on umbrellas, shoes or clothes. Last Sunday 2,500 reflective armbands were distributed in the capital on the occasion of an action.

Tips for Motorists

On country roads should always be on the move in the opposite lane. Here in the dark is wearing a reflective vest - how they have way whatsoever in the car with him must - mandatory. Anyone traveling with his dog, should this equip with a reflective collar.

Addressing the drivers it means to take an appropriate speed, their headlights in poor visibility conditions and to keep the windows clean.

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