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Bullets Cause Zero Damage with the Best Bulletproof Vests

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Body armor is the most protective material worn by a soldier during combat, they are especially designed to protect the body from deadly weapons. Body armor is a part of the soldiers uniform especially for those a part of the infantry. With a rise in the number of city crimes and their increasing intensity, police officers are now required to wear such protective material as well.

There are two types of body armor: regular non-plated personal armor which is generally worn by private body guards and hard plated reinforced personal armor which is worn by soldiers, police etc. Body armor provides defense against life threatening attacks.

There are various companies that provide defensive body armor and along with it a bulletproof vests and a travel bag. Bulletproof vests are protective suits that help absorb the impact of a bullet thereby offering protection to the body from various types of weapons. The panels used in the vests are made from different materials depending upon their manufacturers. Body armor must be tested to assure the highest level of protection before it is sold to any company. The armor itself looks heavy but it is very light in weight.

Some body armor includes two rebellious ultra strong steel plates. Steel body armor plates have been designed with a multi curve to provide the ultimate comfort and protection to the body.

One such company that provides defensive body armor is Premier Body Armor. They provide a complete defense system against weapons and ballistics such as high-powered rifles, shot guns, hand guns, sharp objects, etc. Premier Body Armor manufactures their armor in accordance with the highest standards and their products are making strides in the industry. All protective steel plates come with a five year warranty and plate carrier with a two year warranty. Premier Body Armor sells top of the line protective gear at affordable rates.

About Premier Body Armor:

Premier Body Armor was founded in October 2013.Apart from spending 20 years in engineering and manufacturing armor for vehicles, they have become a leader in selling the best protective body armor materials at competitive rates. For more details, you may visit Premierbodyarmor.com.

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