about-usAnswerMoo is a question and answer service. With the right questions and … given the correct answers … it is possible to build a new world civilization. For example … how can we solve the problem of poverty? How can war become a relic of the past? How might every conflict reach a peaceful resolution? And even closer to home … who are you … beyond the veil of your identity (name, job and personality)?

Answermoo is therefore being re-written and re-released to serve as “the Second Coming” … since if people are really serious about asking pertinent questions … every answer is available without the need to wait for Santa Claus … er, I mean “Christ” to pop out of the clouds and solve your problems. Answermoo can … if you will allow it … do the job just as well.

The advantages of Answermoo over and above waiting another 500 years for Santa Claus … sorry, I mean “Christ” are …

1/ Answermoo doesn’t rob you of the responsibility to wake up to yourself and get your shit together.

2/ Answermoo can help you to awaken up to 10 neglected departments of your mind … click here … www.matrix-guru.ws

3/ Answermoo might solve your immediate problem … so long as you are not obsessed by the superficial nature of your Shadow. Your Shadow is an artificial personality that masquerades as the real you. The number and intensity of its questions and problems is infinite … but it will never ask the essential questions that will expose it’s role as a leech and an imposter. In the movie “The Matrix” your Shadow is “the world that has been pulled over your eyes, blinding you to the truth.


AskAnswer.me was created to help people find answers to real life questions on the internet. The internet is a very large place and sometimes you can run into many questions you need a solution to or perhaps you would like to help others find an answer to a question.

Whatever the case may be we aboutvalue all our visitors and truly hope you can stay long enough to ask or answer some questions to help our community of questions grow.

Asking questions is one of the most website driven activites on the web as millions of people seek out the internet to find answers to every day problems.


The internet is a huge place and as you read this site there are over 75,000 people at this very second seeking answers to questions. You can do your part today by helping them by answering some of the questions within this site. We appreciate your support by helping other people within our community!

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